Beyond the Soldier

Soldiers are heroes the young ones see,
Soldiers with honors all up the blood trees,
Soldiers far away sacrifice for us,
What soldiers think is for us to trust,

But some soldiers take away all cherished hopes,
They take what they will and kill who they may,
So their sacrifices become our hanging rope,
Some under order, some in shadows play,

So fall all kindness to battle's ash,
For values are thrown in piled trash,
And few turn their keys to outside,
Knowing once they do, it's either die or hide,

So to soldier, not legion,
Person, not government,
To one, not all,
Think of your cause,
Think of it carefully because..
Every side has there own story.

So if you have to have a reason,
Let it be the promise you already made,
To protect is not treason,
To help is not dismayed,

To hurt is not your purpose,
Every fired bullet is a double edge,
And a corpse is world-less,
With no nation to hold their pledge,

Your violence is not your honor,
Your honor lies with yourself,
So to all soldiers who understand horror,
I plead for your chance to relieve oneself,

I do not speak to dishonor you soldier,
I do not speak against you,
I merely speak in respect and hope,
That in your mind these understandings remain.

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