Beyond the Surface

When you look at a person what do you see?
The thick crimson red stain smudged on a toddlers happy face?
What about a former childhood playground, one last time,
Through the rearview window of an old moving van?
Do you smell the fresh cinnamon rolls from the small shop across the street?
The grass being cut every morning, right before breakfast?
Can you hear the sirens and red lights flaring,
While being rushed into the hospital for the seventh time this month?
Or the sound of breaking glass, and screaming, every day,
Until one day there's nothing but unwelcomed silence?
How about the taste of cherry flavored bubble gum, bought with earned money?
You can’t feel the pain of a family breaking apart at the seams.
Or the blood of another person's hard fought scars.
You only know what you see, what's on the surface,
There's so much more than that.

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