Beyond This World

Beyond this worldly world,
Is a world of purity;
Where happiness is mould,
Into kindness and loyalty.

The people are pure,
and so nice there;
And are not formal,
like the ones here.

Their heart is,
the epitome of love;
Love is sold,
for the cost of love·

Selfishness is,
unknown to them;
For here money is,
the biggest gem.

There they turn,
tears to a smile;
Here can't bear,
others for a while.

For what they have?
and what will they lose?
If they just let their,
ego to choose!

There are alive,
and here are the dead;
There they cry,
and here tears shed.

I don't belong,
to either of these;
This world has let,
humanity to cease.

I belong in actual,
to the city of silence;
Where there is innocence,
and no more violence!

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