Swirling through the darkness, dimmensions follow me. I fall into despair again these demons proding me. There was a line of window panes lining one by one, showing me my memories of past and future suns. In the darkness I saw a light that grabbed me by the soul it took me to my rightful frame and gave me back my home. I came back to reality, fears turned into tears, to wash away the lonliness I've felt through out the years. The pain I felt was nothing, compared to that light, that gave me hope and faith again to fight for what is right. There's more than just this earthly plane where angels sing their songs and battle for the souls of men to shield them from their wrongs. As above, so below, we kill our inner demons, that's on another astral plane stealing all our feelings. Emotions ravaged torn strewn like a lion kills its prey, until we find the strength to grow and cleanse them from this place. The hate it grows unless you see that love will reign supreme, so give those feelings up to God and finally be at peace.

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