It’s like getting your bell rung from the first hit and you fall back
An inevitable steam engine barreling right toward the body
Meandering through the fabric of innerspace
Down we go, steady and billowing
Coating the very marrow of our existence
I remember what it’s like to feel something
I want to forget
Spinning off
Other dimensions
Other worlds
Parabolas of existential crises
Endless looping
No end in sight
Rush of red
Mind torn from reality
Sucked into the torus like a spin cycle
The beauty of it is bullshit
Chews you up and twirls you out by your naïveté
Swimming in an endless ocean
Something so peaceful in the infinite
I welcome the drown
I won’t surface
I don’t want to
No breath
No whispers of carbon dioxide
The bells are fading
filled with black
at peace
I welcome it
I welcome it
I’m asking for it
The bubbles rise
Flowing upward in convivial motion
pensive paradox
sinking until I hit the floor
Light passes away
above me
And so below, I go
Rend me home.

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    Inner peace discovery after dredging through tragedy and a decade worth of learning through various eccentric experiences.