Big Brother


They say its all done for our good,
As they pry into our daily lives,
With cameras, surveys, and the like,
They check out children, husbands, wives.

We didn’t seek this so-called care,
It crept up on us like a thief,
And where does all this data go?
Whatever is the watcher’s brief?

Fingerprints we understood,
They sometimes helped to solve a crime,
But why watch us shopping? Meeting friends?
We’re all on camera all the time.

A family journey to the coast,
Is clearly some subversive spree,
Otherwise why track the car?
They clearly don’t trust you or me.

Its hard to see where this all ends,
For they do not listen to our moans,
I guess they’ll get us wearing tags,
Even though they track us through our phones.

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