Big Fracking

Big fracking, a lot of money being made.
Big fracking, plenty landowners getting paid.
Big fracking, Halliburton's plans unfold,
a fracking exemption, the Chaney loophole.

Big fracking, ten-thousand feet down.
Big fracking, thumping, fracturing the ground.
Big fracking, drilling never stops.
Tons of sand and chemicals,
under pressure blasting rocks.

It's called fracking and it's big fracking wrong.
So, I got pissed off and wrote a fracking song.
What's in the fracking fluid?
That's what I want to know.
Flaming faucets in the kitchen,
oh hell no!

Contamination! Earthquakes? Is this process safe?
Waste water, leaking wells and a fractured landscape.
And at what cost? Another consequence to face?
Moving on, it's time to pump the brakes.
So shut down this fracking, gas extracting, environmentally unsafe,
air polluting, methane producing national disgrace.

It's time to get crackin', put a stop to fracking.

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