Big Mama

By Ty   

Every-time I close my eyes
I'm thinking of you
every time I hear a sound
It's like I hear you.
You say whatever we feel just write it out
you always showed others you loved, and cared with no doubt.
I'm in my feelings, cause this is not real.
This dream I feel inside can't be forreal.
Out of all these years, I can say you were right.
Family is a priceless piece
Keep them close and hold them tight.
Tomorrow is not promise
so love one another
I wasn't ready for a closure
not like this, but I will keep my spirits up cause I know you still near.
I wanted to show you my dreams, watch me grow,
but wait you talk me everything I know.
I can hear your voice saying Tyesha just pray.
Keep thinking positive and everything will be ok!
I just need you to stay focus
and remain humble
this life we live it's not a joke
you surprised the world with this one I think you probably know.
As I cry my tears, I smile with joy.
To know that you are resting well Is all that matter.
I have to stop being so selfish
I can't have you here
God was ready for you come home and rest in peace my dear.
I gained another angel I feel so lucky.
Big Mama can't be replace
you did your part
you gave good advice
and kept us right
I will keep you in a special place and hold it tight.
You were a great grandma and made everyone smile.
I love you so much
why couldn't you stay a little while?
I will love you forever
you were the best.
God put us through this battle
did we pass this test?
I don't know the answer
but I know you are at rest.
I think we pass, cause we are lucky and we are bless.
Rest in heaven big mama.
The family love and miss you.
The day you left us
became an big issue.

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