Big Words Broken Promises

7 days a week, hearing one promise after another, hearing it in one ear & letting it go out the other.
Standing still & wondering who is this person, that i have so confided in.
They're always saying things, like mark my words or i've got your back.
Always doing all the talking about things that's sounds so convincing & truthfully a little too good to be true.
But like anyone, you can easily fall for their cunning words.
They're constantly talking like they got it all, like they really know you, but barely follows through.
Trust me seems to be their favorite words to say, when actually they've at rock bottom themselves.
Still trying to be convincing at times with their suave & charming good looks.
Knowing that you're so taken back by them & only using you like a hook.
7 days a week it goes in one ear & quickly out the other, just who do they think they're fooling.
So each week another whole brand new story, thinking here we go again.
Just more lies which only entertains me, guessing that's likely what makes them so special.

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This Poems Story

This poem shows keeping your word & making many promises that you can't possibly keep maybe natural. But unfortunately it can break the close sacred trust with someone you value the most.