Intolerance ends not with color or race;
"Tis often expressed by persons oppressed,
Who face a disgrace from misjudgments in place.
The clouds of injustice lampoon and leer;
Obscuring and hovering, providing a covering
For unwanted tears and warranted fears.
A soul without status or honor is born;
The casting is plain, she suffers disdain,
And a hardship is worn from her scrimmage with scorn.
Another soul's born to an immigrant tribe;
The wealthy of purse do willingly curse
With an escorting bribe and a gambling with jibe.
The numerous schisms in our multitude of isms
Taints the intents of our honored religions.
Our apt ones are classed and the unskilled amassed,
And the gifted share pain from their ventures in vain.
Perhaps, we are guarding a tormenting ride
To skillfully hide from our guilt laid aside.
Of origin lowly or state good stock,
Inequities cock from a massacring mock.
All humans have differences - none is ideal;
Perfection's preserved for those not observed.
Through sorrow and pain, 'mid sunshine and rain,
All blood-stains are red from those who have bled.

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