In your face lies the beauty and pride of a Billionaire
to be candid you had all it takes and you bemused me with your wealth of knowledge
why do all lass in the community flaunts their assets around you in order for you to have a glimpse of them, even owning them for keep they so desire of you?

No wonder, your colossus of wealth made you so, each time you pass me bye, I do watch you with a falcon eye in order to get a hold of you, but the more I try, the far you are from me both in thought and feelings.
you have unknowingly cast a spell of love on me; when you walk, even the ground could hear your laudable rhythms of an elephant steps.

No wonder the masses sees you as a deified god of rewards
but intricately, there's something sinister and hidden about you that I perceived I my inner man
you are too fascinating, dreadful,awkward and a mischievous malevolent cat
your laughter goes with a spleen and your voice there's an undertone of love
gold of heart they thought but intent of evil, with your amass wealth, you lure your prey to captive
and in return, a ransom is paid beyond your captive reach if alive or dead

In the eyes of the masses, they call you a philanthropist and god sent helper
the mansion you had was a dungeon for prey who prowl into your traps
I could see in you a brave hunter in the desert more skilful than the lion in games
at instinct you catch your preys for gratification,what a Billionaire kidnapper are you?

In sorrow did your mother conceived and bore you
no human feelings but thought of money engulfed your perception to life
being avaricious, see how you made the house of joy to become desolate
why do you now look so remorse after the deal has been done and wages paid in full?

Don't you know that the dice will be cast, what are your scores?
your house has now become desolate as well
your ill-gotten mansion and wealth has now become a dung hill
what are your rewards BILLIONAIRE KIDNAPPER?
now you got the rope, the blood of the innocent crying for revenge.

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    This Poems Story

    The poem tells you about a Billionaire who acquire ill-gotten wealth through kidnapping people.