Binding Strings

Thinking of you has begun to feel more like Stockholm syndrome
emotions strung up by your puppeteer hands
your ghostly memory hovers over me as that of a drone
watching and whispering, blowing over the sands
of this desert climate you left me tied up in
I struggle to get free only to tighten the hold
these strings have knotted up and won't loosen
my youth is being imprisoned in times of old
when dreams flew and hopes grazed
moments of pure ecstasy erased stress
days and nights spent lazy and hazed
wrapped up in each other's nakedness
ripped apart in a torrent of fury and rage
confusion spreading smoke screens and illusions
paranoia devouring any remnants of joy
scattering loyalties fluttered in gusts of wind

friends and enemies morphed into one and the same
bound by promises and loyalties
strung up by compulsions to appear insane
chained to habits for temporary release
untie me, cut me loose
I cannot live fully if you keep me in your prison
let me move on before you render me useless
do you understand this world I've envisioned

I need set free of these binding strings attached to me

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