Bipolar Awakening

Hurting so terribly from something I can't see,
Knowing no one understands but me,
Continuously feeling so alone,
Craving answers to just be shown,
Fearing daily that there isn't one,
This burden of despair weighs a ton,
Tired so tired,
Wondering if it'd be easier if I just expired,
Possessing such a love for life,
Unable to reach it through the strife,
After the lows I become so manic,
The actions it causes bring me panic,
Can't take back the words I've said,
The things I do fill others with dread,
To be so bright yet so irrational,
The combination becomes unmanageable,
Unable to process the emotion,
I turn to booze which intensifies the commotion,
Looking for ways to numb the pain,
Leaves me swirling down the drain,
Gasping for air yet able to breath,
Desperately wanting to be free of this disease.

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