bipolar disorder

I can’t go out without fear of an episode
I can be normal one moment, then on a low the next
I can be on a high then drop
I can get irritable easily
My work quality and quantity can very dramatically
I can spend three hours on a lesson and get halfway through
Or I can get three done in an hour.
It can make me make irrational in decisions
It can make me feel hopeless and cry for no reason
It disrupts my sleep schedule dramatically
It can cause my self-love to be crazy high or severely low
I can become dull or crazy creative in thinking
It can cause my mind to race
I can become hyperactive out of nowhere
My motivation can be elated or nonexistent
Sometimes i can explode over the smallest things
Bipolar disorder is scary to deal with
You cant control it
Bipolar can ruin your life
This is my take on bipolar disorder

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