Bipolar Disorder

Let me take you into the mind of the mentally ill, I’ll try not to kill the visual
But let you know the usual
It’s thinking without blinking, the sudden thoughts that consume your mind
There’s no way to find the words, so you lose sight of what’s right which leads to another mental dimension
Did I forget to mention
The ticking without twitching, and your thoughts keep switching back and forth, forth to back
Not wanting to attack yourself from within, because you struggle with the skin your in
It’s trying to fulfill, without knowing what’s real, that’s when you begin to peel back pieces of the truth, instead of getting to the root, your imagination takes over
Episodes of mania, that take you to Transylvania, the euphoric feeling that takes you beyond the sealing
Out of touch with reality, battling urges of physicality
Being in denial about your normality
You struggle to suppress emotions, and the daily activities of oppression
Oops there goes that darn depression
It creeps up on you, and steeps deep within
You damn near drown in it, no matter how you try not to give in
You know you inherited this from your kin, so make sure to thank them
For making you an individual, that is residual
One who stands in their own paint, without the slightest faint notion
And creates their own potion, that gets them through the motion
Because in the end, you will prevail
Given another day to inhale, so don’t ever think it’s a nope
Because tomorrow always brings hope

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