Bipolar Disorder: The Storm

like lightning you struck me
with no warning whatsoever
not even a little rain
there was no storm
I became the storm
I wasn't able to see
what was real or what was imagined
one day I was fine, the next I was delusional
one day I am buzzing around like a bee making honey
the next I am lying on the floor crying, this isn't funny
like lightning you struck me
and my family and I, we
didn't know what to do
they're walking on eggshells around me
because at any moment I might blow up
like lightning you struck me
one day my thoughts hit me like a meteor shower
the next I am drifting aimlessly through space
mayday, mayday, I need some help
I'm feeling lost, I'm afraid of myself
like lightning you struck me
but I struck back

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