You push and you pull
You don’t give, you just take
This mask you’ve put on, they know it’s a fake
Just think for a second
You’ll learn some new lesson
The animal inside the cage longs to be free
Just look inside, you’ll find the key
This bird, this bird
Locked away for so long
Just give it a chance
Some voice to be heard
This bird, this bird
It longs to be free
Your shackles will hold it down, no longer

You can try to bend, I won’t break
Keep the pain coming, there’s more I can take
Your hand removed from around my neck
The next thing you’ll here is my voice
Get away from me
The gasps for air
My lungs are on fire
The pain that I feel, it only grows higher
My bones may be broken but my spirit isn’t
Guess you didn’t know
I’m stronger than you thought

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