Bird with No Wings

I lie to myself I don't know who I have become.
I am a wife a daughter, a sister and also a mum.
I put on a mask for the world to see.
but underneath it all do they really know me.
I'm a shadow, a fake a perception of who I should be.
when underneath it all,
I really just want is to be free.
Not free in the sense of running away.
but free in the sense I do things my way!
I have been through so much, that is why I am I so sad.
I did what I wanted the good and the bad.
I feel lost alone and forever in denial.
the life that I have chosen it makes me want to run a mile.
I love my husband my kids and I wouldn't change a thing.
but I feel trapped and uneasy like a bird that cannot sing.
Free like a bird is what I want to be,
free like a eagle soaring through and around the highest tree.
I want to perch on the heavens and look down from up above.
because where I am trapped I am not feeling any love.
I Have two sides the good and the bad,
I mimic sometimes happy and sometimes sad.
I Will find the thing that centres me one day,
until that time all I can do is stay.

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