Birdfeeder Wars

Today I saw a crow at the birdfeeder.
I thought, "Wow what a bully."
Just because he's bigger, and intimidating,
He thinks he can eat the birdseed.
And then I thought, "Well he is a bird."
It is birdseed, that I put out there, and I don't discriminate.
I don't just like the pretty or pleasant birds like
Blue birds, cardinals, and orioles.
Those are the pleasant, happy, in good graces birds.
Blue jays, crows, and catbirds are menaces.
We hate those birds. Why?
Because they are bigger, and do whatever they want?
Do we always root for the underdog?
Not if we are top dog.
I am a changed man now. I love the crows.
If smaller prettier birds can't deal with a crow, I have no empathy.
They need to fight for what is theirs.
There's not just one birdfeeder in the world.
Get your own food and quit whining.
Checkbook in my pocket, suit-wearing birds.
The crow will peck out your eyes, and feed it to its crow babies.
That crow will steal your chicks, and make a meal out of them.
Foxes come and steal the robin eggs.
Crows and foxes are allies,
In this world that so greatly looks down upon crows and foxes.
Crows may be loud, and raw, but they still need to eat.

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