Blue Jays, Robins, Whippoorwills,
With thoughts of birds, my mind has filled.

Swans, Puffins, and Magpies,
Have stolen my blue eyes.

Finches, Cardinals, Wrens,
I hope this beauty never ends.

Birds, they soar above the sky,
With their long, frail wings, they'll fly.
You see them out most sunny days.
They'll make you wish for them and praise.

These fragile creatures are magestic,
They carry out in flocks and
They're not greatly domestic,
Unless put in cage-like boxes.

Feel that soft, slow drizzle, above you from the clouds?
Now these birds take shelter in severals of crowds.

Warblers and Gulls,
Now my mind is full.

So now as this is ending, my friend,
I wish to tell you, moon impending rise,
That I will soon see you again.
Don't know where or when, it'll come a surprise.

Keep the beauty in your heart,
From every day's beginning, and every evening's start.

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