Birds of Florida

By Birdie   

Peregrine Falcons swoop with grace,
Mallard Ducks run and chase,
Ruby-crowned Kinglets flutter in the tree-tops,
The Albatross never seems to stop.

Great Blue Herons frozen in place,
Pied-billed Grebes swim with haste,
Red-bellied Woodpeckers chisel away,
Turkey Vultures glide all day.

Limpkins eat snails in shells,
Ospreys dive and catch fish well,
Northern Mockingbirds sing their songs,
European Starlings come in throngs.

Burrowing Owls tunnel underground,
Painted Buntings are rare but around,
Purple Gallinules wade through water plants,
Red-winged Blackbirds on cattails dance.

Ibises dip and look for insects and worms,
Blue Jays raise a cry of alarm,
Barn Swallows sway on telephone lines,
Common Moorhens float on the water and whine.

Northern Bobwhites whistle to call one another,
Common Ground-Doves blend in with their camouflage color,
The birds of Florida are not very few,
So let's thank the Creator who made all of us too.

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