Birds, Pigs And Sheep

Erin Austin

Although the words are formed
And the mouth is moving.

I hear naught except for
Birds, pigs and sheep.

I figure it’s a recording and
The repeat button is stuck.

Because the sounds are
Played over and over again.

Eventually they’ll get the message
That I’m attempting to portray.

But apparently the carrier
Pigeon has yet to land.

It matters not to me that there are
People who refuse to go the extra mile.

Because I can figure things out
For myself even if it takes me awhile.

They believe that the
Jeering, taunting, and teasing.

About my attitude.

Mistakes I’ve made and
The consequences I’ve paid

Will upset me.

Maybe so, but not in
The way that is perceived.

Because with or without their help as well as
The ingrained determination and stubbornness.

Regardless of the squealing,
And other noises I will succeed.

Even if I’m forced to
Do so without assistance.

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