Birth To A New Nation

This message is for all you Bible-thumping, dread-lock wearing
Rocking red, black and green let's go back to Africa swearing
Down for the cause to end racism but fail to respect lesbianism
You call my marriage a genocide?
Thank God I accepted being gay because I was ready to commit suicide
So how am I a threat to your generation?
God saved me and I lived to give birth to a new nation
Where we can infect knowledge and let common sense base our education
Where our kids can watch TV without sex and violence on every station
I give birth to a new nation

Untouched by a man I was saved to give birth to a new nation
Where children are no longer victims of starvation
Where love, the same love is the basis for our foundation
So sick of heterosexuals speaking out of frustration
Common law marriages & birthing babies out of wedlock
like that's the intention for procreation
So sick of Christians telling me what is and isn't an abomination
God wouldn't bless me if I were sentenced to damnation
He gave me purpose not to duplicate but purge creation

I write out of desperation hoping that it gives inspiration
to all the cold hearts dividing this nation
Not praying for a revolution but reformation
Holding rainbows and carnations and powered by spiritual impregnation
I await the day to give birth to this new nation

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