Birthday Cake and Butterflies

Lollipops and puppy dogs
are a few of my favorite things
I laugh when a cow says moo
And listen when the birds sing

Sand between my toes makes me happy
So do popsicles on hot summer days
I like to blow fuzzy dandelions
To make wishes and watch them float away

Splashing in puddles makes me giggle
And I look for the rainbow after it rains
I read story books and color pretty pictures
I'm good at hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo games

I like watching tadpoles and dragonflies
And skipping stones in the pond
I play fairytale make believe
And dance in circles with my wand
I'm daddy's little girl
And mommy says she can see stars in my eyes
She kisses me and tucks me in at night
So I can dream of birthday cake and butterflies.

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