Birthday Elegy

Glorious years glide by
Gracious days tick on
And time, the irrevocable time
On its unhindered stroll
Takes its toll on human life.

Glamorous years of strive
From the ashes of youthfulness
Blossom the focus of adulthood
And like the plants in nurtured garden
Their flowers exude such beauty
That adorn the sight of those
Who behold essence of nature.

But this day you pick to celebrate
This day I wish to deprecate
This day you choose as anniversary
This day I make my adversary
This very day of your smiles
This is the day of my cries
And as your happiness fly high
So does my sadness mount on
Yet, with my bleeding heart
I dare wish you more happy days.

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Key Words : birthday, celebrate, elegy, youthfulness, adulthood, anniversary, adversary

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This Poems Story

It was a day to celebrate, but other recollections bring some negativity into the mind.