Bitter Sweat Life

Thhh you know how i feel
Angry and sad
The last few weeks have been hell
...a lot of it barely rings a bell
Girls keep swetn me
Moms laid out,
Family fights, we dont learn
Drama everywhere i turn
People say I'm too much
In this life I’ve had enough....
The only reason I'm still alive is because my mom needs me
But i cut, an now I'm startin to feel wezzy
Razor in the dark, this is not a mope
I know its gotta stop but its the only way to cope
The loss of blood, an adrenaline seems to be my only hope
I believe in god...I’ve got down a prayed
I know hes been thinking
Its been enough for me to stop drinking
My heart is sore
Never smoked before
But you have to start somewhere
More haters then friends
It always equals drama in the end
Best friends, Girlfriend, her friend, ur friend
Stab me in the back, left me for you, don't know me, grow old with me
Brothers, Cousins, Moms, Aunties, Uncle
Da best, Put yall to rest, Hatin the situation, Love u, Miss u
Sorry mom, for the wrong I’ve done
But once i found out what was wrong...felt like i had no one....
I would do anything to switch places
Give my life so that you could make happy faces
Did i tell u about this guy named marlon
Hes good kid but doesnt show it
Says hes gonna break me and Le Vonn up
Cuz he cares for her, i know it
He doesnt like how we first broke
says hes gonna make sure it doesnt happen again
Damn i hate this kid
But then again he reminds me of me
Caring and protective
I willing to through my heart out there
An so far a list of people have neglctive
They stomped on it, torn it to shredds and all i can think is i deserve it...
I hate this life......but its a great one i’ve got
Tink, Brandon
You two are worth living for
Stacye, Cindy
You two are more loving than anyone gives u criedt for
Ryan, Anthony, Brian
My brothers, u are the ones i can truly trust
I belive in u, u too in me
Were best friends/worst friends but love each forever
An that was on no homo were back to square one
Love u with my heart
Love u with my soul
Yet in both of those im left with a hole
Im done, i had to get that off my chest
I dont feel any better, infact i feel more stressed
But its not a feeling anymore...its a life style
I hate this life, but love some people in it...

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