Bitter Sweet

Do you know Life? Life is bittersweet; it's the thrill of

victory and the agony of defeat. Do these very commanding inverses

ever take a moment to meet and greet? Love, peace and joy, hate,

war and sadness, are equally powerful polar opposites, which

extend between sanity and madness.


How do we manage to intertwine, the deepest of devastation with the

peak of the divine? Or do these occasions demand their own

place, mandate their own time and reserve their own space.

Must we concede to allowing each juncture the sovereignty of

free will? Rejecting time spent with the bitter while allowing

the sweet to fulfill.


Is it reasonable to receive one above the other, treat bitter as

our toxic rival and sweet as our cherished lover? How can you

measure the truest of love until you've experience actual hate?

Life is bittersweet! You won't strive for victory until

you've tasted defeat? Life is bittersweet!


In order to truly appreciate joy, sadness must occasionally come

our way, embracing both with shared affection while dancing

out this interchanging ballet. Plié with grace, Relevé with

delight and openly welcome both as day turns into night.


At the end of this journey life and death.Yes, they do finally

meet, they exchange solemn glances, as a sign of reverence but

alas they do not speak, one devotedly passes us over to the other

life is bittersweet!

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