Bitter Systems

I lost what I loved
a son I called my own.
The darkness took him
and I was unbeknown.

He kept telling me
“mom I’m not changed”
But I can’t accept it
It’s not okay, he’s deranged.

Corruption is taking hold.
Demons and the devil,
claiming my child.
Grinning and in revel.

I must hold my ground
no budging or stirring.
I grieve for my loss,
for my son they are taking.

What have I done,
to deserve this misfortune?
I love him,
make no assumptions.

Or do I…
Do I have an obligation?
For when he leaves,
I'm holding a celebration.

I have two others,
who make me proud.
Who needs three?
Three is just a crowd.
“I love you”, she says.
I can hear the venom in her words.
They are just words, nothing more.
Stabbing me, cutting like swords.

Most people get the parent deal.
Mother and Father.
But dad was a fictional character,
And mom doesn't even bother.

Go ahead disown me.
It will finally be over.
I wish I could say I'll miss this,
But I'm not a joker.

Everyone else just sees hatred,
but they don’t know, do they?
What our relationship consist of.
All I see is nothing but decay.

It’s not like I enjoy this, do you?
All I want is a mother’s love,
I try and show compassion
But all you do is push and shove.

But who's really to blame?
Can this crime have two victims?
Or is this all my fault?
I’m sorry, I don’t belong in your systems.

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This Poems Story

So this poem is about how I came out to my mother and she did not take it very well at all. She was very negative about the whole thing and so I went to poetry class the next day and our teacher gave us an assignment to do our own ballads. So i started writing and came up with this poem. It is kind of dark but that's what the atmosphere felt like when this event took place in my life.