Bitter Winter

Bitter winter and freezing air
Soft snowflakes handled with care
Barren land and sleeping life
The bitter chill cuts like a knife
The sky is in the darkest gray
No sun in sight to warm my day
The bright and shining sun will come
And life will finally have a beautiful hum
Miles and miles of soft white snow
And ice that stops the rivers flow
Frostbite nips at my very soul
While I take a gentle stroll
Down the frosty lanes
Ice seeps into my warm and flowing veins
The hope in my heart will never falter
The bitter wind is too weak to alter
Finally, here I am,
In front of the burning fire
I am filled with weary tire
The ashes rising from the flame
Into the air playing a game
The burning flower warm and fair
Warming up the crispy air
The sun's to come the next day
I long to feel it's loving ray
Now I slumber under the darkened sky
Only to wake up to see the heavy sun held up high
I look to see a little tree
Barely taller than me
Has a small blooming flower
Radiating with strong power
A smile starts to spread across my face
When hopeful light spread through the land, spreads through this very bitter place.

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