I chase you around on the playground,
You squeeze my little hand so tight.
I tell you, you're my best friend-
Simplicity, it all ends,
And fades away slowly tonight.
I look up and find your smile,
I trace it as I follow your eyes,
As they come to meet mine,
I remember the first time,
I came to know love's grave disguise.
A few years they came, and they passed by,
Things- they changed, and the people did too,
But I messed up slow,
And those people they know,
That everything I did was for you.
You say it's so sweet, but it's bitter.
I try to scrape the taste off my tongue-
I long for before,
When the space in the door,
Was for only prince charming to come.
And now I've reached here, and it's over.
Time's stolen me away from you.
Love's just a play toy,
That gave me a playboy,
To break this little heart into two.

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