Like a cancerous disease that pitifully infects body, mind, and soul
Like an infected ligament, now filled with malice, that threatens to infect the whole
Like a toxic elixir that starts off slow but then eventually it takes a toll
Like putrid puss that no one will touch with a protracted ten foot pole
Like noxious venom that enters the bloodstream and then very soon it grabs ahold
Like a ghastly sickness that sours the spirit soon after it has broken the mold
Like a feverish virus that continuously contorts the plagued body from hot to cold
Like a hardened heart that will soon stop beating because it no longer knows it role
Like a diseased liver that’s just so tired of carrying such a poisonous and resistant load
Like afflicted arteries permanently contracted from food with richness untold
Like a thickened tongue that has now lost its ability to speak gilded words, once bold
Is bitterness so damaging,demeaning,and damning-but still too delightful to be bound and sold

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