Bittersweet Ending

I was born in the endless grey.
I had no shape wherein to stay,
But then you found me.
From there you formed me like a potter with clay,
And waved at me shyly as if to say hey.
Through thick and thin you never sway,
And I would not have it any other way.
You were my only friend.
Always by my side you stay.
That is when I knew I would be okay,
But endings are inevitable.
It seemed like I was beginning to decay.
But it was fine, I would obey.
The law that children should grow one day.
The flow of time no one can delay.
Least of all me, to my dismay.
For an easy ending I desperately pray.
So that I could repay my debt.
For all you did I wish for you a simple goodbye.
So I put on a smile.
I kept my memories deep inside.
Having locked them tightly at bay.
Treasuring them forever,
As I slowly fade away.

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