Black is the speck I silently watch on the hill,
Moving slowly and wistfully across
The damp grass that has been beaten by pounding hooves,
Like a cloud of mist, disappearing quickly out of sight.

Black smells like soft comfortable fur I bury my face into,
The fur belongs to a friend who comforts me.
A long thin tail hangs gently from the beautiful beast
Swishing away flies that land obnoxiously on her shoulder.

Black is the friend I long to be with.

Black moves swift and elegantly,
Canters easily across the packed down dirt,
Leaving me riding breathless as I feel her glide over a jump,
The legs extending far out in front in a leaping motion.

Black sounds like hoofbeats, bounding along
Creating a beat, a song.
The shiny black hooves appear carrying
The horse I love.

Black is Finesse.

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This Poems Story

McKenna is thirteen years old. She grew up riding horses since the age of four at a beautiful place called Moccasin Lake Ranch in the Methow Valley in Washington. She loves horses more than anything else and spends as much time as she can riding, taking dressage and jumping lessons, traveling to horse events, and working at the ranch with an amazing group of friends. She enjoys playing soccer and ice skating when she's not riding. This poem was inspired by Finesse, a talented, black horse McKenna rides and competes with.