Black,so perfect.
Lacks everything but nothing.
Feels like it's trying to tell something;
Call out to someone.
But everything's so futile no matter how hard it tries.
Black,so full of colour.
Apparently,just a dark pit.
But beyond that atrocious dark pit,
Is a soul,
A soul who still has hope,who's looking for a rope,
A rope to escape that darkness.
But it wont be able to as if its meant to be in it.
Beyond that,is a soul who has feelings for others.
Feelings it wont ever be able to express.
It's trying.Oh,it's trying.
But at the end,the dark veil always prevails.
Covering all the beautiful things inside,it dominates.
Always being treated as an inferior by others,
It looses the goodness and let the darkness take over.
Oh,it's just like the life of a teen,
Just like the life of a teen like me..

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