Black America pt1

This world I live in.
Black boys, black men dying at the hands of their own.
Seeing a jail house before walking across the stage to be handed a diploma. We’re losing our boys to the street.
Every body want to hang
pants sagging, a sign that he have swag.
Failing to understand the education behind having his pants below his butt. Mothers fearing for their son’s lives every second he is out of her sight. This day and age every little boy dream is to be the next Lil Wayne,
get high, slang dope to make a quick come.
This rap industry have our little boys fool.
This was not a part of Martin Luther King’s dream.
Black boys, black men, please open your eyes and see,
you are in the path of destruction.
Do you not know the legacies your predecessors created for you?
You must get back to your roots,
back to being strong, confident men.
Unbreakable, no matter what’s thrown your way.
Determined to make a change.
Stop with the black on black crime
fight with the power of the mind and fluent words you speak
take your position as the man in your home
king of the throne.
The black women are tired of doing it all on their own.

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