Black America pt2

My poor black girls, my poor black women.
Getting lost in your appearance
letting your hips define who you are
becoming the only thing you can offer
neglecting the greatest assets you have
the mind.
No longer consider a human being but just another object
something that can be own and possess.
Victim of ignorance.
No one taught you about self respect or a woman’s worth.
Calling ourselves and each others vulgar names.
So why do you get mad when a male say it?
Do you not see, we have the power on how we are treated?
We are Queens
our black is beautiful.
Yet we are settling to be barbies
wanting to be the next Nicki.
Instead of Coretta King or Betty X.
Stop being blind to the facts.
Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Allowing yourself be to mistreated, disrespected,
abused by a man who claims to love you.
Going through the same thing you saw your mother go through.
Please my beautiful black ladies be the first to break the cycle.
Black America are you not tired of being just some statistic?
Black boys and men filling up the jails?
Going to funerals more than graduations?
Black girls having 2 or 3 babies?
Laughing and giggling, collecting welfare.
What happened to working for what we want?
Black America it is time for a change.

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