Black and Blue

Familiar hands grab me in the middle of night
No one can hear my muffled cry
The covers stuck to my skin are torn off me in the dim light
As I cry and scream the person releases a long sigh

Some light is absorbed into my eyes
I see a man, a man who I once called Dad
I see a man who is full of dirty lies
He’s ruined the relationship we never had

I can’t move, I can’t breathe
I just lay there and let him hurt me
The stench of his never brushed, yellow teeth
Pain, torture, helplessness, is all I can see

He makes disgusting noises as he hurts me
Inside and outside of me has been hurt
There are so many places I’d rather be
The only thing I am better than is dirt

His breath lingers in the thick air
I lay there in shock, helpless, in despair
Unable to move, I can only stare
To see the pleasure in his awful, disturbed head

My young, fragile soul
With only six years of age
Cannot say that my confidence is a whole
Hell is this bed, this bed is my cage

No one hears the heavy gasps
And the light taps
Of the wall clicking against the bed frame
For me, the kids will never see me the same

No one notices the bruises on me during the day
Or the thin bones under my yellow skin
No one hears my prayer when I pray
I am sinking with a broken fin

Alone and lost in my head
No one can hear the silent screams
That I make, wishing I was dead
I am alone, that’s what it seems

For me, I see black and blue
The people around me seem dumb
I only dream of being fresh and new
Not waking up and feeling numb

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