Black and Blue

Tricked you!
I see all your real colors
Hiding from me
Let’s paint the World a new color?
Come eagerly
I see the Sun in your horizon
Do you see the oranges, pinks, and yellows?
I do because I’m God’s child
Happiness isn’t easy
But how long will you put your dreams on hold?
You will turn out fine
Hold your chin up a little higher
You have self-worth and dignity
Never forget that
It’s okay if those are lost
You’ll always get them back
By remembering these thoughts
It’s okay to walk in the deepness of the dark
You’ll come out on the other side even brighter
A light in the middle of confusion
You’ll soon see everything working out for the better
You may not agree with my philosophy
That’s okay I’m just God’s fortune teller
Looking into the future seeing your broader horizons
Stop hiding from them
Embrace the entire rainbow inside you
Let it shine with the Sun after the thunder
Then you’ll see all your real colors like I do

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