black and blue

darkness falls
siren screams
just another night and it's starting all over again
the heat is too hot
stifling my throat
just wish i had some water of life
but i tried to think of being some place else
somewhere i would rather be than here
the noise in my head is just too much
trying to sleep
but i can't so i reach for a pillow
maybe for comfort, maybe to ease the pain
confusion and nothingness, kicked me in the head
Lord tell me what do i do
about feeling black and blue

so i reach for all my pillows, for comfort, and my gun, for pain
to ease the discomfort, the heat, the noise, the lights, black shadow
pandemonium shatter through my brain
now it's nothingness, and peace be still, nothing new
i finally realize, dear Lord, what i need to do
when feeling black and blue

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