Black and Blue

Black and blue their dreams are greyscale
Lonesome illusions crush their populace like hail,
A hail of fabricated concrete
Their pain is never discrete
White society torments their tamed, tender existence
Fear beats behind an eye, from a heart's unstable stance
Only now they're black and blue,
Blue and black
Black and blue

For those who come across the sea
We've boundless planes to share,
Real Australians say welcome,
But truly, do we care?
Eluding a rock and a hard place
These people slip through the cracks
They are swept and swollen by the insensitive swell
Why don't we don't pick up the slack?

Now we're slightly sympathetic,
emotional but stupendously pathetic.
But it's us that should be ridiculed,
because white has made them black and blue
Blue and black
Black and blue

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