Black And White

In this crazy life its all black and white
colored display on television
but not the true visions of life
A chemical mixture seems to be dispersed at night
so that this grey coloring could separate just to fight
Suppressed by the thoughts of their ancestors
they rally together "hand up" "don't shoot" is what they beg of her
miss America land of the free
please why don't you let my people be!
So she mocks the crowed and a mans chocked out "I can't breathe"
is the last thing he would try and shout
Is miss America truly the land of the free?
Or is hope for equality just to far off from that king with a dream
Did that rose seated on the bus stand tall for nothing
please miss America tell me something
So she turns and smiles then replies
only two colors could make things right
stand tall along each other that's my final advise.

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