Black Box, White Wall

There was a black box and in that black box there was a white wall

Not eggshell white, or a nude just white.

The wall was so unique from the others yet it wasn't

The white wasn’t more unique it was just a lighter shade of black

There are more black walls yet that one white wall OveRPoWereD the others

The black wall is dark and mysterious and if you look close enough you'd see it is just as beautiful as the white one

Yet the white wall wishes it was black because it's surrounded by so many

So it turns nude, then an almond shade but not quite black YET

The black walls are just black, not grey, not brown, black

So why can’t the white wall just stay white oh because it was made that way

Well so were the black walls and that's not gonna change no matter what they say

Sincerely, Jacy Koma

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