Black Coffee

You have a heart of Black Coffee
An abyss of bitter emotions
Due to the lack of sweetener
Given to you by others
You're smell intoxicating
One whiff and I have myself
I would take a sip
But I must restrain myself
One sip of those emotions
Could make a sane man insane
Like he took a shot to the membrane
Dive deep down into such darkness
And only come up half the man you used to be
That's a torso with no manhood
Eyes the same
I peer through
As if they held an image of you're very soul
I have to turn away
Or you're thoughts would infest mine
Then we'd be committing the greatest hate crime
Hating Ourselves
But I don't want to be the same as you
A siren
Luring fools to there doom
With song of happiness and joy
Then killing them softly
I am only a survivor
A victim of you're
Black Coffee.

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