Black Cotton

Before we could walk or talk,
we where ripped from the roots like wild berries.
Before these golden chains and silver chains,
these shackles were rusty.
Before dreams turned to reality your blood & my blood,
stained these cotton leaves.
Therefore yours tears, my sweat our scars built this Country.
Let me take you back,
back to a time when whips and chains weren't whips and chains.
Every crack Of leather felt like Zeus himself,
Tore the flesh from our backs; with lightening.
So I sit back an steady my tongue
and I paint a canvas black with the blood from my veins.
You see My people will see the truth,
my people would know the truth of what this word unity May bring.
What do you know bout the station masters and the freedom trails.
What do you know bout the North Star and the promise land.
What do you no about doing nothing and the consequence is jail!
What do you know about invisible deaths like Sandra bland!
I shed a tear for my people,
I shed a tears with my people.
Just Imagine if cotton was black?

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