Black Days (The Feeling Between)

Rumors spread of a mishap occurring throughout our dreams, urging us to protest.
Treating this matter, not of what is it, but that of a contest.

Eyes locked onto me piercing my soul, enraged by the pain weakening yourself.
The fantasy of long ago presents itself, all of it is perfect, life on a shelf.

Wanting to stay locked away forever, never to once again join the community.
Slowly emerging out of my self made prison, excepting the one time opportunity.

Sneaking around as a teenager would, seeking endless parties, countless nights.
Sounds and images blurred together, forming settlements at various sites.

A tender sound cuts through the black thicket, comes a faint whisper "farewell."
My legs buckle, as a smoke like mist surrounds me, i'm lost who is there to tell.

Mastering the art of defense against the everlasting smoke.
I am YOUR jangling nerves, screaming for just one more toke.

The waving ice weeded out beneath my feet, the burning is hot to the touch.
Unable to out run the reasoning of leaning on an invisible crutch.

Night turns to day, as the sound of my racing heart beats uncontrollably.
Incredibly close to success, within a child's grasp, lays the end of my journey.

Spinning vigorously around, to confront the soft dreaded voice starting to begin.
A blinding light stops me dead in my tracks, followed by an empty darkness within.

High up on dangling hopes, the chilling presents continues to slowly disappear.
At long last the air is clear with a gentle breeze, raising my head i shed a tear.

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