“Black Diamond.”

Preserve Diamond my jewel kept away from others; secure with my Registration of Love. Surely my best kept hidden more brighter than others you shine. Among others you are my one Diamond of such a prestigious color. When I look at you I only see one color. Black Beauty, Black Love, is all in your eyes those words of your amazement caught me by surprise. Now that you're with me nobody will hurt or mistreat you, abuse or use your love. What you give to others is inspiration to find more like you. But your kind is rear if one thing is true that your mine to keep. There is no other Diamond that compare to you, Your beauty is unmatch it's like compairing the Sun to the stars. There both the same but only one shine brighter. This poem wasn't made to show off it was made to tell People that Black Diamonds is in all are hearts whether your Black or White it is not measured by the color just by the size.

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