Black dressed in white

A man,
with smiling eyes
and a burning soul,
walking towards the edge.
An end without an end.
A bottomless hole,
decorated with sharp thorns,
where he will fall down forever.

His sight blinded with a veil so tender,
wrapped around his shoulders,
with one end resting on his heart.
Heavy chains of shattered expectations,
weigh and anchor him down.
Still, he walks on the harsh rough road,
leaving bloody footprints,
towards an end, he knows that awaits.

The birds warn and the soft wind moans,
pulling from his clothes,
“TURN! Innocent soul TURN!”
Yet one determination drives and pulls him forward,
ready to take the leap,
chasing false hopes.
Expecting a warm star,
in a bottomless pit,
where the cold darkness rules the world and black dresses in white.

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