Black Girl Magic

They say that my hair is too nappy
They say my skin is too dark
They say I'm not black I'm African
They think of me as primitive
They want me to abide to European Standards of Beauty
But do they know I am an African Queen
My hair grows upward not downward
Therefore I am closer to the Gods
My skin glistens like the reflection the sun on water
My clothes represent my Nigerian heritage as proudly as
The colonizers wear their MAGA shirts

I am a Queen that has learned to take control
Of her Kingdom, The phlegmatic words used against me
Is now my crown that proudly show when I walk down
The street, as they stop and stare and feel ashamed
For me
They used to laugh because of my "white girl name"
But now they frown as my success
Instead of uplifting they find ways to demonize us
As if the war against the world wasn't bad enough
If only they could see what I saw
I only they could feel what I feel
But they don't
That's why I'm magical

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