Black Insanity

Black, just black.
Surrounding, trapping, choking blackness-
Blinding, dangerous blackness.
Never leaving, everlasting.
Questions fly, thoughts disappear,
Leaving me with nothing...
Nothing more than the suffocating blackness.
But then, in the black of night,
The boy so young, yet so wise;
The boy so pure, so breathtaking.
The questions gone, the sanity returning.
The pure, wise, breathtaking presence of the boy-
My heart leaping, pounding, yearning for the boy.
Through the city, by the fields,
Across the country, under the sea,
Around the world, over the sky, I chased.
I chased him, I chased him.
I called his name, I ran and ran,
But he was ever so far away.
And that's when I saw the other girl,
And black returned again.

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