Black!?/Life’s Matter

The fight to be seen and heard leads to us BLACK! People destroying our own homes just to make a point. Us BLACK! People are acting like the MAN! Want us to act, BLACK! Life’s matter!? I feel it’s the people who never been low income or never seen where us BLACK! People live that is yelling that still. the low income, the hood we are saying Stop The Killing! Us AFRICAN Americans are killing ourselves!
I will not allow myself to yell out a word that the MAN! Himself use’s…..BLACK!, I will not allow myself to settle for a memorial on the ground so they walk upon my back again!
my Beautiful AFRICAN Americans, lets start with ourselves and our children. Stop The Killing, Stop The Gun Violence. Don’t be a BLACK! Person and lose focus of who we really are….. AFRICAN American, we are Beautiful, Not a Color. we are better than BLACK! we are an image of our Lord God, we are Forever!

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